Smoothie Limoncello gradient merino spinning batt

$ 19.00

3 ounces of Merino wool carded into a gradient batt.  Available in 100% merino wool or lightly blended with angelina for just the right amount of sparkle.


10 Lemons

1 Liter Vodka

3 c White Sugar

4 c Water

Zest the lemons, place zest in a large jar, pour in vodka, seal loosely, & let infuse for 1 week at room temperature.  After 1 week create a simple syrup by boiling with out stirring the sugar and water for 15 minutes., let the syrup cool, stir vodka mixture into the syrup, strain the mix into bottles and seal with a cork.  Let mix age at room temp for 2 weeks.  Serve cold in a shot glass.

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