Merino Combed Top

Merino combed top is a staple in the spinning world.  We scoured the planet to find a gorgeous 21 micron Merino combed top for it's softness and easy spinnability.   Fabulous for felting too!

A few Merino facts for you....  
The Merino breed was developed in Spain which banned export of it's fine wool breed until the 18th century.  Prior to that time, Spain cornered the fine wool market and exportation of Merinos was a crime punishable by death!  

In 1786 over 300 sheep were exported to France as a gift to King Louis XVI and were the foundation of the Rambouillet breed.  During the year 1788 Merinos were introduced to Australia.  And, today Australia is one of the worlds largest producer of Merino wool.