Strauch Drum Carders

High quality fiber prep equipment for the serious fiber enthusiast in us all. Strauch equipment is 100% made in the USA. From the components manufactured in the US to the wood which comes from American forests, you can rest assured your carder has been made with care to stand up to years of use. Just ask me, AKA Lunabud, I have been using the same Strauch Finest carder since 08 to create the Spin Me Batts on this site as well as many of the one of a kind batts we sell at shows. This little work horse has traveled to 8 different states and never once misses a beat. If my arm could crank it all day long it would work just as well at the end of the day as it did in the beginning! I LOVE MY STRAUCH CARDER!

A fun little fact. Have you seen the hand in the photo above before, say on a magazine? Guess whose hand that is...... If you said Lunabud's you would have guessed 100% correctly! The picture was taken at the Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival while Lunabud and the other Luna of Blueball Mnt were having a crack at the Mad Batt'r carder before it was released! How fun is that!