Pattern by Stephanie Buford of Deep Dyed Yarns


2 contrasting skeins of Still.  The Sample uses one skein Multi Player (Main Color)  and one skein of Envy (Contrast Color).


US 7 circulars 24"
Stitch marker


16 stitches = 4"
I'm a loose knitter, so your gauge might have more stitches per inch.   Laying flat, the cowl measures 18" wide x 10" tall.


  • Drop stitch:  drop next stitch and unravel 4 rows, pickup Main color stitch in the 5th row with the left needle, insert right needle into this stitch, catch the 4 loose strands from the dropped stitches, and knit all together.  
  • K: Knit
  • P: Purl



Section 1
With Main Color, Long tail cast on 140 and join in the round.
Round 1: purl
Round 2: knit
Round 3: purl
Round 4: knit
Round 5: purl
Round 6: knit
Round 7: purl
Round 8: knit
Round 9: purl
Round 10: knit
Round 11: purl
Round 12: knit
Round 13: purl
Round 14: knit
Round 15: purl
Round 16: knit
Round 17: knit

Section 2
With Contrast Color
18-21: with contrast color knit
22: with main color: *drop stitch, k3* repeat to end.
23: knit all
24-27: change to contrast colors, knit all.  
28: main color, k2, *drop stitch, k3* repeat to 1 stitch before the marker k1.
Repeat *18-28* 5 more times ( total of 6 repeats).

Section 3
Row 1.  Knit all
Row 2: purl
Row 3: knit all
Row 4: purl
Row 5: knit
Row 6: purl
Row 7: knit
Row 8: purl
Row 9: knit
Row 10: purl
Row 11: knit
Row 12: purl
Row 13: knit
Row 14: purl
Row 15: knit
Row 16: purl
Loosely bind off.

Pattern Copyright Stephanie Buford