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Cheviot Wool combed top Sexy Sadie

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Cheviot sheep are a hardy medium to long wool breed that is bred to optimally withstand cold wet winters and dry summers.  They have clean heads and faces.  The legs below the knee are free of wool as well.    Fleece weigh from 8-13 pounds with a micron between 27-33 and a staple length from 3-5 inches.  

The breed, which can be found in records dating to 1372, originates from the Scotland and Northern England area known s the Cheviot Hills and is obviously where the name comes from.  The wool was once the primarily used in  Border Tweed, today it is used in Harris Tweed and high end commercial rug use.  It is excellent for sock and heavy use outer garments that need stability.  


4 Ounces

 sexy Sadie. Pink. Purple. Aqua blue. Green. Kiwi