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Wensleydale longwool top Oogie Boogie

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Wensleydale sheep are a long wool with excellent luster.  They are a British breed developed in Northern Yorkshire with long lustrous wool which has a purl or curl to it. The breed began development in the early 1800's by crossing a Dishley Leicester ram named Bluecap with a now extinct River Tees region breed.   Bluecap stamped his genetics on the breed imparting his dark skin, fleece type, and large size 440+ pounds.

They are good milkers with ewes birthing 2-3 lambs at a time.  They are a dual purpose breed with good weighted market lambs and a stunning lustrous fleece weighing 13-19 pounds with a 32-34 micron count

The Wensleydale breed was a contributor to the development of the Blue Faced Leicester or BFL sheep breed.

Approximately 4 ounces